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Whether you represent a community involved in the production of food products, are home to one of the ports that ships California-grown products all over the world, or are one of the 38 million California consumers of the food, fiber or foliage we produce, you have a stake in the future of California farms and ranches.

With more than 400 different commodities produced in California, Farm Bureau is committed to helping consumers understand where their food comes from, the challenges associated with producing a safe, affordable food supply and ensuring consumer confidence in California-grown products.

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California’s family farmers and ranchers are a vital part of the statewide economy and local communities. In the course of providing people with the finest quality and most affordable food, fiber and foliage in the world, we also support more than 2.5 million jobs statewide and more than $43.5 billion in crop value alone—all while acting as stewards of California soil, water, air and open space.

Whether you represent a community involved in the production of food products, are home to one of the ports that ship California-grown products all over the world, or are one of the 38 million California consumers of the food, fiber or foliage we produce, you have a stake in the future of California family farms and ranches.

As a grassroots organization, the Farm Bureau represents and protects the farming and ranching way of life by influencing policy at all levels of government. To ensure that California’s agricultural heritage is maintained and protected, we have developed the following major policy goals:

  • Competing for the Future
  • Communicating the Value of Farmland
  • Ensuring Farmers Can Grow and Market their Products
  • Connecting Consumers with their Food
  • Providing Resources for Farms and Rural Communities
  • Farm Bureau: Working to Protect Family Farms and Ranches

The Full Plan (PDF)

Working for You Info

Sponsoring legislation, representing your interests

  • Secured a 5 percent purchase preference for California-grown food in purchases by state agencies through sponsorship of successful state legislation
  • Won $300 million in funding to help farmers and food processors comply with state air-quality and climate-change mandates
  • Ensured local control in implementing groundwater law
  • Helped win approval for a law that makes it easier for small water diverters to certify water-measuring devices
  • Surveyed members about employee shortages in support of federal immigration reform
  • Proposed amendments to bring regulatory certainty to the Clean Water Act
  • Fought for estate-tax repeal and other tax reforms
  • Supported repeal, replacement of WOTUS, while fighting proposed state version
  • Advanced California priorities in federal farm legislation
  • Worked to open and maintain market access for California agricultural products
Working for You Info

Blocking efforts to undermine agriculture

  • Successfully opposed state Senate Bill 49 and other unreasonable environmental legislation
  • Stopped or moderated bills that would have complicated agricultural employment
  • Blocked legislation that would have raised energy costs
  • Stopped legislation that would have expanded restrictions governing wild and scenic rivers
  • Opposed state river flow plans that would reduce water supplies
  • Blocked a rule that would have allowed utilities unlimited property access related to utility lines
  • Assured continuation of depredation rules for mountain lions that kill livestock
  • Demanded sound science in pesticide regulation
  • Defended water and property rights
Working for You Info

Amplifying your opinions in a variety of forums

  • Coordinated listening sessions with the U.S. agriculture secretary and House Agriculture Committee
  • Familiarized White House staff with California agriculture during a comprehensive tour
  • Generated more than 17,600 messages to elected officials and agencies via 13 campaigns
  • Met with all 55 California congressional offices and all 120 state legislative offices
  • Responded to more than 400 media inquiries
  • Assured investment in surface water storage through the Proposition 1 water bond
  • Co-founded a coalition that advocates for rational funding of wildfire suppression
  • Challenged state endangered-species status for the gray wolf
  • Intervened on behalf of ranchers in a lawsuit affecting continued grazing on federal lands
  • Joined in a lawsuit on the economic impact of critical-habitat designations
  • Represented farmers and ranchers before state and regional water boards considering irrigated-lands programs
  • Led a coalition supporting changes in the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Co-founded a network to showcase innovative agricultural practices
  • Improved the public perception of agriculture, reaching non-farm audiences via social media, TV, magazine
Working for You Info

Reducing the costs to farm and ranch

  • Culminated years of advocacy by successfully supporting elimination of the SRA fire tax
  • Provided new discounts on Ford vehicles, workers' compensation insurance, auto parts, Deere equipment
  • Provided additional discounts on insurance, supplies, services
  • Won renewal of an emergency regulation to ease impacts of tricolored-blackbird nesting in farm fields
  • Sponsored successful legislation to assure flexibility in rodent control
  • Protected the Williamson Act and advocated for other supportive local land-use policies
  • Defended farmers' access to adequate, affordable energy resources
Working for You Info

Providing services you need to remain sustainable

  • Published a guide on surface water measurement and reporting
  • Provided guidance on Sustainable Groundwater Management Act implementation
  • Offered training sessions on compliance with federal food-safety rules
  • Provided advice on compliance with labor laws
  • Published comprehensive news coverage online and in print
  • Recruited, trained and supported both new and established agricultural leaders
  • Assisted members in protecting their legacy through prudent intergenerational planning
  • Provided the information you depend on to prepare for what's next

Working for You (PDF)

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